Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So I am a Little Crazy

 So what would a normal person do when their wall looks like this:

Normal people actions:
  • Call a pro 
  •   Develop a plan
  • Think about how quickly you would need to finish the project
 My actions:

Which eventually led to this...

Now I have to form a game plan of how to proceed from here.  My first inclination is the do-it-yourself fix of throwing up a couple coats of oil based primer, skim coating the walls, more oil based primer, and finally a couple coats of paint.  There are a couple problems with this plan that could be overcome...first, it seems to be a heated debate whether any primer even oil based is okay with wallpaper paste residue.  Next there is the problem of the different thickness of wall.  I have also never skim coated myself, but hey that is why I have a can do attitude.

The completely different option is to try and find someone to throw up 3/4" sheet rock.  I have never sheet rocked, but that wouldn't normally stop me, but I do have an arch on the wall that I would have to deal with.  I have covered the plaster walls with sheet rock in the past and it has worked pretty well.

The final option that is much messier and that I am going to try and avoid is to tear out all the lathe and plaster and traditionally sheet rock that wall. 

This wall is really an experiment because I have 2 more walls in the living room and all 4 in the dinning room that I am pretty sure have wall paper underneath the paint.  None of them bother me as much as this one did, but I am sure I will want to address them eventually.

I will keep you updated as things change (who knows how long that will take) and wish me luck.

Bonus picture!  Here is the original wall paper pattern.


  1. Oh my goodness, that looks like something my husband would do! lol Good luck!!

  2. How is the wall coming? We need an update!!!