Friday, December 16, 2011

Living Room Wall Update

The last time you guys saw my living room it was in shambles. 

I ended up deciding to hire someone to skim coat the wall.  I was a little stressed in general and for $220 I was able to have it skim coated in one day and received instruction along the way.  I did freak out the night before and decided to prime the wall.  I read that alcohol based primer would be best because it would not react with water and would seal in the leftover paste by creating a hard shell.  To paint a better picture for those who do not know me: I decided to prime at 8:30 pm, went to home depot bought the primer, started priming, finished priming at 1 am and the person who was going to skim the wall showed up at 8 am.  Here is what the wall looked like with primer.

Here is the skim coat.

It took a couple days for the skim coat to dry (it was much harder than waiting for paint to dry).  I then primes and painted with wall before I removed the plastic on the floor.  Then I started the long process of cleaning the floor.  Here is the finished product.  I am SOOO glad it is done.

(Please ignore the TV on the floor, it is a hint at an upcoming project.)

It is not earth shattering but it does make the wall look like a normal wall again, which is 110% better than this.

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  1. And to all started with a few cracks! I can't believe how awesome it looks after the skim coat was done. Hoorayyy for no more flaws! :)