Monday, December 12, 2011

A Long Time in the Making Bathroom

This will be a long post, almost as long as the renovation.

I guess I should start at the beginning.  I bought my house 3 years ago and it definitely needed some work.  It was 85 years old and I am only the third owner.  Every wall was covered in wallpaper and the floors in the bedroom were gross shag carpet (like used band aid gross).  The bathroom was definately an eyesore, but a functional and expensive to re-do one.  So all the other rooms got a little love and the bathroom waited.

Here are some before pictures.

The one thing I miss about the bathroom was this wall of storage.  I did not take any pictures, but there were drawers up and down behind the center and right doors.  I tried with all my might to come up with a floor plan to save and refurbish these.

I am not sure how this bathroom design makes sense to anyone.  I had to step into the bathtub to turn on the water and get splashed with cold water and then scorched when it was too hot.  My other trick was to balance where the knobs for the tub are.

This was my bathroom for two years.  I then had the good fortune to have my dad and uncle retire and take pity on my and my bathroom.  Close to volunteers is a good motivation.  So i bit the bullet and demo was done in a day.

This is the point that I should mention that I only have one bathroom.  I spent sometime commuting to the and my boyfriend's to shower.  Thankfully, I was only without a toilet for a day.

The first step was to change the layout of the bathroom.  The nook that previously the tub is going to be enclosed and expand the closet in the bedroom behind.  I lost a little bit of square footage but gained a much less funky floor plan.  Here is a picture of the cement board, including my dad and Uncle Tony. 

I decided to use classic tile.  I layed out the hex tile on the floor just to double check the scale.

I really liked the open shelf feel of this vanity from Lowes, but did not like the marble top.  (Please don't mind the dust in my mid-construction dining room.)

I wanted to add this top.  The problem was that the top was actually glued on, unlike all the other vanities in Lowes.  It required careful prying by I was finally able to add this other sink/counter combo which I love.

The walls of the shower were covered in white subway tile, classic and affordable.

There is a definite absence of pictures in the middle.  I wasn't thinking about blogs at the time.  The project took more than a month of my wonderful uncle and father commuting an hour each way to finish.  So about a year ago my bathroom looked like this.

Shamefully it took me about a year to finally paint the trim.  I used some left over shellac primmer and then the same white paint I used on the baseboards.

I also tried my hand at a little are project a la Sherry at Young House Love.  Here is her project  Here is my attempt.

Final pictures will be up tomorrow.

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