Monday, January 9, 2012

New Rug in the House

I bought a new rug shortly before Christmas and my friend Robb was nice enough to receive and store it for me.  So yesterday I went over and retrieved the rug and brought it home.  It is the West Elm Jute Dot Rug.  I bought it as an 8' X10'.  I just checked today and it is no longer available (maybe that is why it was on sale).
So without further ado, here is the rug in my house.

Please excuse the wrinkled table cloth, it is a drop cloth and I was so excited I did not wash or iron it before throwing it on the table.

I took a close up picture for good measure.

I had a couple of concerns going into purchasing a rug, one about the space to walk around the rug and the other about the ease of moving chairs.

The door you see in the background goes to the hallway and all the bedrooms.  There is a good 3-4 feet to walk on besides the rug so that problem is solved.

I am still a little concerned about chairs moving across the rug, but I should be honest that the table does not get all that much use.  Most meals are eaten while watching TV on the couch.  Form may trump function in this case.  What do you think?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Christmas Craft Tutorial a Little Late

This post is very late, but I have been a bit busy over the last couple weeks and away from my computer.  This was a Christmas craft inspired by the ladies of the Real Housewives on Bucks County.  When I saw their appearance on the Nate Berkus Show I knew I found my Christmas craft.  Here is their tutorial:

I tallied that I wanted to make 18 of the reindeer for various family, friends and neighbors. I had some of the materials already, but would need to gather additional quantities and spray paint. I recently recovered my kitchen cabinets so I had lots of extra contact paper so I decided to use that instead one sheet of paper and spray adhesive.  I also had a 7 pack of canvas from Michael's that I had previously purchased with a 50% off coupon.  I just had to buy 2 more 7 packs of canvas and 4 cans of spray paint.

Like the Real Housewives I chose this picture from Google images.

I skipped a lot of pictures in the process (I'm new at this).  Here is where I had already applied the reindeer to the canvases.

It's little hard to see with the white on white. And please excuse the unsightly workbench in my garage.
I had a whole stack of these to do.

I ended up using 4 cans of Rust-oleum Ultra Cover 2x in hunter green and wine (2 each).

I set up a spray area in the garage with a piece of cardboard and plastic sheeting that was leftover from the wall project.

I did approximately 3 light coats.  I was in a rush so some coasts were thicker than others.

I was throwing a party that evening and realized that painting two at a time was not going to be enough.

This is a more accurate picture of how things looked.

And here is the final product.

Not perfect, but I like to think that is how you know it is homemade.