Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cross Stitch Organization

You have now seen that I have taken on some pretty extreme cross stitch projects.  Unlike last year, this year I am going to work on a number of small projects.  For the most part I am going to be making ornaments.  The make nice gifts and I can make each one in a night or two.

I have decided to make a wide variety of ornaments designs that come from this book.
The designs in this book require roughly 100 different colors of embroidery floss.  For the past few years I have just been shoving as many skein into $1 dollar pencil boxes.

This was not the most organized method especially if you are just going to use a small amount of a color at a time, as with ornaments.  When Joann's had a sale on organizational systems, I picked up a couple of these for $2.50 each.
Here is one of mine all loaded up.  There are extra bobbins (each box came with 50 and I already had some that I did not want to take off just to load on another).  There is also a compartment in the upper left hand corner for needles and scissors.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Little Valentine's Present for Myself

Sometimes a girl just needs a little something sparkly.

This was my little present to myself from Target.  At $15 I thought was a steal and a fun bauble.
I really should give myself a manicure.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Series...Pinterest Party or Maybe Better Named Pinterest Ramblings

I have had a lull in posts because I have not finished any projects so I am branching out.  I am obsessed with pinterest and it usually reflects my current thought pattern (or mild obsession).  My current obsession is a new haircut.  Here is my current hair:
This picture is slightly mug shot-ish and I am barely wearing make-up, thank you very much.  My hair is highlighted and slightly layered.  Pretty much blah.  I have fine hair, but lots of it.  So here are some of the styles I have been pinning considering...

I love Jennifer Aniston and this length is great.  It seems so easy and would go wavy nicely.

Here are two Kelly Clarkson bobs that are interesting.  I think I would like it to be longer in the front.

Here are two pictures of Jessica Simpson.  I really like her hair in the first but not in the second.  Anyone else worry about how things will look on them as a result of things like this?
 I really like this length. 
Sandra Bullock is probably the best example because her hair is so much closer to my color.

Okay so have rambled on and put on way too many pictures of roughly the same hairstyle.  Maybe this is a good reference guide for people who also want this cut (or an insight into my psyche).  

Any thoughts?  I would love any advice. :)