Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cross Stitch Organization

You have now seen that I have taken on some pretty extreme cross stitch projects.  Unlike last year, this year I am going to work on a number of small projects.  For the most part I am going to be making ornaments.  The make nice gifts and I can make each one in a night or two.

I have decided to make a wide variety of ornaments designs that come from this book.
The designs in this book require roughly 100 different colors of embroidery floss.  For the past few years I have just been shoving as many skein into $1 dollar pencil boxes.

This was not the most organized method especially if you are just going to use a small amount of a color at a time, as with ornaments.  When Joann's had a sale on organizational systems, I picked up a couple of these for $2.50 each.
Here is one of mine all loaded up.  There are extra bobbins (each box came with 50 and I already had some that I did not want to take off just to load on another).  There is also a compartment in the upper left hand corner for needles and scissors.

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