Friday, March 2, 2012

Cabinet Plastic Surgery, A Little Nip and Tuck

I'm making plans, big for redoing something by myself.  I have drawn inspiration from a number of kitchens and have decided to try and add molding to the fronts of my cabinets.

When I have no prior experience with a project here is my process.  I read lots of blogs and get inspiration.  Then (recently) I head over to pinterest.  My final internet based step is to search for any tutorials.  Overtime I will make a few trips to Home Depot and Lowes for other projects and look for supplies.  This is all before I get started.  This process might explain why things take me so long to do.

Since I moved into my house I have not been thrilled with the kitchen.  It started out with cornflower blue cabinets, off white walls and linoleum floors.  I hated all the elements in different ways and tried to do small scale changes.  I primed and painted the walls and cabinets.  My boyfriend and I installed a floating linoleum floor because removing the existing flooring and sub floor would have been way too expensive.  I also added a new dishwasher and refrigerator.  I have made all these tweaks but I am still not happy.

Here are some before pictures of the kitchen.
Nice colored cabinets, huh?
That Wedgewood stove WAS the selling point of the kitchen.

Some of the things that still bug me are the counter tops, wall color, floor and the cabinets.

Counter Tops
Eventually I would like to replace the counter tops with butcher block.  Currently they are 1950s tile that has seen better days.  There is no enamel anymore so the surface of the tile (not just the grout) is stained. 

Wall Color
I thought I like my wall color.  It is kind of a slate blue, but I have become less and less satisfied with it.  I have fallen in love with a teal green color that I used in the bathroom and laundry room.  I definitely have enough left from the laundry room to put up in the kitchen.

I was never super thrilled with the floor but it was the most cost effective solution and still is.  It is not that the floor is offensive, it just not my dream.

The cabinets are plain plywood with no detail.  This is the part of the kitchen that I am currently obsessed with.
No bad cabinets, but boring.
I have seen a bunch of kitchens and drueled over cabinets.  Here is the one that is actually kicking my butt in gear.

My hope is to add molding to the cabinets and then repaint them.  The main thing that makes this project a pain is that the corners of my existing cabinets are rounded so they will all need to be filled with wood putty.  Like most of the projects I have done, I have no clue what I am doing when I start.  For this particular project I have a place to practice my skills before the real deal.  I have almost Identical non-finished cabinet doors in my laundry room.  I plan on trying out my technique on the laundry doors first.

Hopefully, I can finish most of the project next weekend and post some pictures.  This project will also make the completion of the current laundry room refreshing that has lasted about 6 months.  Those pictures will be up soon too.

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