Monday, March 12, 2012

The Walls Don't Talk to Me Anymore

This weekend I tackled one portion of my kitchen that has been bothering me, the wall color.
Lets start out with the fact that I am a bad blogger and did not take any good before pictures.   This was the before color.  Nothing was bad about it.  I even used test pots when deciding what color to paint, but it also did not feel very happy.  I had more than a gallon of paint and primer left over from the laundry room (that post will come someday when I finish).  In a matter of hours I was able to cut in and roll on enough paint to cover the room.

Here is an older before shot.

This was after I cut in the room.
This is keeping it real.  Unfinished laundry room and a sprite can.  Plus art from my niece Julianna.

 Here is the finished color.

It is not super different, but it makes the room so much brighter and cheerier.  Anything that makes doing dishes more appealing is great in my book.

I omitted pictures of the counter top and sink.  That wall is all cabinetry and tile so there is not much to see, and I piled all the stuff from the other side of the kitchen over there for painting.

I have a couple more tips and art hanging before I am done talking about the walls in here.

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