Wednesday, April 25, 2012

There are holes in my roof dear Liza, dear Liza

So it was finally time to bite the bullet and face the horrible roof on the garage. The garage roof was on it's last legs about 3 years ago when I bought the house. It was only a matter of time before it had to be replaced and the time had come.  Winter rain had made the garage feel moist and humid all the time and I a, sure it probably smelled like a wet dog too.  (Interesting tidbit about me is that I have no sense of smell, so what it smelled like was a guess).  I also started to see puddles on the floor and when I looked up at the ceiling I could see blue.  The time had come.

My super generous family offered to assist and my parents offered to foot the bill as my Birthday present.  This was an amazing offer that I could not turn down.

Here is a before:

Uncle Tony and Josh digging in.
Here is a closer shot to show its rough shape.

Josh was an animal, I think he tore off half the roof himself.
I am very lucky to have the help of many friends and family members for the initial tear off stage especially after a put myself out of commission for a portion of the day by starting a fight with the metal beam on the dumpster below.  The incident occurred when I was wheeling in the first load, wearing a big floppy hat and trying to get momentum going up the ramp.

Notice the evil metal beam at the top of the door.  Feel free to give it the evil eye.
It was a fight I had no chance of winning.  I was lucky to not break my nose or knock out teeth.  I did not think about taking pictures at the time and I think you all should thank me.

I was left playing hostess and going on home depot runs.

Refreshment Station.

Me returning from a lumber run.
Shovel/scrapping occurred for most of the morning, while I played hostess and went on home depot runs.

Ledo and Uncle Tony handling the roof.
Lots of work was done by lots of people.

My dad the wheel barrow master.
 By lunch the roof was looking more like this.

One of the main reasons the roof need to be replaced, was it's age and the fact that it was actually 3 layers of shingles (maximum in my county).  The roof also was no based on plywood like most roofs.  This left everyone balancing on 1 X 4s.

There was some talk about retaining the open air feel and leaving it as a pergola, but I was not so keen on the concept.

So after day one, there was so much progress.  The roof was completely demoed.

And the dumpster was full.

Notice the towels designed to be warning flags my Mom put up.

I cannot thank everyone who worked on it enough.  Thank you Dad, Uncle Tony, Josh, Ledo, Keith, Mom, Dorothy and McKenna (for being cute)!

Thank you all!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Updated: B Wins

Update:  This post is not the whole story.  The night after I put these up using Command Strips they came crashing down at 4 am and one of the frames even broke.  I had been too lazy to post about this failed attempt, much less fix it.  I think the problems may come from the walls being painted with semi-gloss paint.  It may be too glossy for Command Strips.  At least I know Know what I will do when I break out my drill and level to screw them up securely this time.  Sorry to not fill you in on that fail sooner.

Thank you to everyone who commented and over overwhelmingly B won.  Michelle from Decor and the Dog mentioned how hard it was to tell which placement from the too close pictures I took so here are a could wider ones.

I have started to use Command Strips more to avoid the cracking problems that come with lathe and plaster walls.  You can see my sage in the living room here 1, and 2
So here are the final results.

Thank you all for voting and I hope like the final product.

P.S.  Sorry for all the stuff on the island but I like to keep it real.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Picture Placement

I have seen this trick on a number of blogs for gallery walls but I thought I would try it for a set of 4 pictures.  A long, long time ago I found some pieces of scrap booking paper at Marshall's.  I thought I could use them to create this series similar to the ones at Crate and Barrel and that caused a small controversy at Young House Love.  I used coupons and bought these matted frames at Michaels.

I cut out pieced of old wrapping paper that was so wrinkled it would be hard to use to tape up.

Here are a few arrangements, what do you guys think?

C. (Imagine there are 4 pieces of paper.  I am nothing if not lazy and cutting out 4 was too much.)
D. (Same story as C.)   
Please comment and let me know which placement you think looks best.