Friday, April 20, 2012

Updated: B Wins

Update:  This post is not the whole story.  The night after I put these up using Command Strips they came crashing down at 4 am and one of the frames even broke.  I had been too lazy to post about this failed attempt, much less fix it.  I think the problems may come from the walls being painted with semi-gloss paint.  It may be too glossy for Command Strips.  At least I know Know what I will do when I break out my drill and level to screw them up securely this time.  Sorry to not fill you in on that fail sooner.

Thank you to everyone who commented and over overwhelmingly B won.  Michelle from Decor and the Dog mentioned how hard it was to tell which placement from the too close pictures I took so here are a could wider ones.

I have started to use Command Strips more to avoid the cracking problems that come with lathe and plaster walls.  You can see my sage in the living room here 1, and 2
So here are the final results.

Thank you all for voting and I hope like the final product.

P.S.  Sorry for all the stuff on the island but I like to keep it real.


  1. That looks really nice! I like the placement you chose.

  2. I love those command strips - they're such a life saver when it comes to hanging art on the walls. By the way, I love the wall color in your kitchen!!