Monday, April 9, 2012

Picture Placement

I have seen this trick on a number of blogs for gallery walls but I thought I would try it for a set of 4 pictures.  A long, long time ago I found some pieces of scrap booking paper at Marshall's.  I thought I could use them to create this series similar to the ones at Crate and Barrel and that caused a small controversy at Young House Love.  I used coupons and bought these matted frames at Michaels.

I cut out pieced of old wrapping paper that was so wrinkled it would be hard to use to tape up.

Here are a few arrangements, what do you guys think?

C. (Imagine there are 4 pieces of paper.  I am nothing if not lazy and cutting out 4 was too much.)
D. (Same story as C.)   
Please comment and let me know which placement you think looks best.


  1. It's hard to tell without much of a room view but I'm going to go with b!

  2. I think I like D... I really like that you're making those picture out of scrapbooking paper. That's brilliant!

  3. I am going to add my voice to the many others and say "B" is the winner! Great idea to tape up different groupings. I will have to remember this!