Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Black Tie Optional?

I am sorry for the lack of posting.  I actually even have pictures ready and projects at differenet stages of completeness.  Things are just a little crazy and busy right now.  I am not the best person to deal with stress and that combined with indecision is not a good mix.

So where does this leave me....

I am looking to all of you for help.  In about 3 weeks I am attending a black tie optional wedding (someone help me out and put together a clear definition of what this means) in Long Island.  My boyfriend is a groomsmen and will be wearing a tux.  I need help with dress selections.  Should I wear long or short?  What would be the best for my body shape?  I know these are trivial things but they are really stressing me out.

I have been to a number of stores and I think (from looking online) that David's Bridal probably has the most choices.  The few choices I have found in stores are either too promy, mother of the bride or bridesmaidy and the lesser of all these is surely bridesmaidy.

All this being said here is a picture of me.  I am in the middle of regular and plus sizes.

Here are some of my top dress picks.
David's Bridal - One Shoulder Long Sheer Dress with Jeweled Trim 
David's Bridal - Floral One Shoulder Glitter Mesh Gown
The glitter in that one concerns me.  The dress is available in pink and black without the glitter.
David's Bridal - Floral One Shoulder Mesh Gown
David's Bridal - Strapless Long Chameuse Printed Dress
Amazon - Ever Pretty Women's Eve Double V Long Dress
I apologize for this being a random post, but I am a little stressed, if that is not already apparent.  Long dresses are hard to come by and even harder when you are not the same size as high school.  I would appreciate any feedback or any dress suggestions you may have.  Have any dresses on the more formal side that you love?


  1. Oh, I think that red one would look beautiful on you!!

  2. I would go for something with a V neckline as it helps most all body shapes!! I am attending a wedding also, in December and I am already thrilled for the dress hunting!
    Do you trust buying clothes on the internet? I usually am a bit concern and scared that they will not fit right or to pick the wrong size.

    1. I learned one hard thing about dress hunting is not to wait until the last minute, even if you are a wedding guest. It can take 6-8 weeks order a dress from a place like David's Bridal. I ended up going with a different dress that, I still love, because I could not find any of the ones above in the store. I would also recommend having it altered (dry cleaners generally do a good job) if it is in any way strapless, you do not want to be pulling it up all night long. Good Luck!