Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Building Up the Nerve to Bead

I have decided to start another random hobby, beading.  I am planing on turning a too large bracelet into this...

My plan is to turn to the trusty internet for instruction.  It is where I have learn most of my DIY home improvement skills.

Is this a reasonable beginner's project?  Anyone have any advice?


  1. That's awesome. I'm always pinning stuff on pinterest that I think looks doable for the uncrafy like myself, but I never actually get around to trying it. lol I can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. This is a fun hobby, because you get to wear it! Great idea to turn larger pieces into more manageable ones. I bet you could score bit with thrift store jewelry!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  3. It's definitely doable. You could actually take a necklace you already own and just clip it to the ends of the bracelet (provided it has clasps) for a super easy DIY! I love beading. See if there are any local classes - I think it's way easier to learn the techniques from someone.

    I'm eager to see how it looks!