Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween is Here!

I think one of the earliest forms of crafting I truly loved was pumpkin carving.  I am in the stencil camp.  I thought I would share this year's pumpkins and a few from the past.
2012 Pumpkins
 Not my proudest moment in carving ability but I was showing team spirit for the World Series Champion Giants.  I also way going a little too quickly carving them.

2011 Pumpkins
I had a little more time and energy last year, but a less solid theme.

2010 Pumpkins
Sorry for the poor quality picture, but at least I could find one.  I guess my carving production varies a bit.

How many pumpkins did you and your fam. carve?  More the free hand or stencil type?  What is your favorite part of Halloween?  Leave me a comment, PLEASE!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DIY Bauble Necklace

It has been a long, loooonnnggg time since I have blogged.  Part of my problem is that I start projects and fail to finish them, and another part of the problem is that I do crafts I see on other peoples blogs and do not want to show a heavily inspired craft.  All this being said crafts are supposed to reflect what we are doing in life so I think I will write about all the crafts and try to give as much credit as possible.

Now, here is the long awaited followup to the previous post.  To remind you, I was inspired by this picture.
I found this image doing a Google image search.  This link is no longer good, but this is where it was found
This is not a tutorial post and I do not have step by step pictures because this is the first piece of jewelry I have made and I stumbled through the process.  I did find this tutorial at Urban Jane which was very helpful.

Here is the final product.
The color is much more green in person.
And a close up.

I used a jewelry making tool kit I found on sale at Micheal's for $10. I also used a change that was small enough to be strung through the jade beads and small silver spacer beads.  I connected the strung beads to the flower and larger beads with small jump rings.  I found the flower at Micheal's.  It is 4 separate metal pieces that were held together in the packaging with a small twist tie. I replaced the twist tie that held it together with a small piece of wire.

Maybe I will do a tutorial as I make other pieces and gain confidence.