Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween is Here!

I think one of the earliest forms of crafting I truly loved was pumpkin carving.  I am in the stencil camp.  I thought I would share this year's pumpkins and a few from the past.
2012 Pumpkins
 Not my proudest moment in carving ability but I was showing team spirit for the World Series Champion Giants.  I also way going a little too quickly carving them.

2011 Pumpkins
I had a little more time and energy last year, but a less solid theme.

2010 Pumpkins
Sorry for the poor quality picture, but at least I could find one.  I guess my carving production varies a bit.

How many pumpkins did you and your fam. carve?  More the free hand or stencil type?  What is your favorite part of Halloween?  Leave me a comment, PLEASE!

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