Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cross stitch present 2012

If you go back through you will notice that I have made a couple cross stitch projects for my boyfriend's mom.  This year is no different, except for the fact that it is not Lady Vols themed. 

I was at Hobby lobby and saw the most amazing thing...a modern use for cross stitch.  TANGENT ALERT.  I love the activity of cross stitiching but most premade patterns are a little grannyish for my taste and house.  I end up making gifts and Christmas decorations. TANGENT OVER!  Hobby Lobby carries a cross stitch make up bag kit.  Perfect!

I chose the bird makeup bag in the middle, the one on the lower right is the size of a coin purse.  The project is printed cross stitch and the makeup bag is already sewn.  You are able to unzip the bag and lay it flat to do the stitching (I wish I had taken a picture).

I always stitch with the lightest color first and work my way darker, unless there is a lot of white fill in and then I just do that at the end.  I work with the light color first because colors often bleed and the white stays whiter if it is used first.  Here is the first progress picture:

In hindsight you can kinda see how the case opens.  I stitched all the white flowers first.  In the beginning the stitching went pretty fast because it was printed and I did not have to spend as much time referring to the pattern.  I will say that I did use the picture on the cover to guide me when I was not sure about the printing on the canvas.

I completed all the white flowers and then started on the background.

I decided to not use the red thread included in the kit and opted for a sky blue instead.  I thought it was nice to have a sky background.  As a result of the change in threat color I decided to use a full cross stitch instead of the half stitch the kit suggested.

Here is the final progress shot:

I am a bad blogger and never took a full after shot.  The pic above does not have the black stitching and as a result you can see a little bit of red.  I promise that was all covered up in the end.  I also finished the inside of the bag with self adhesive felt.  I wanted to finish the interior to make sure that pulling items in and out of the bag would not affect the stitching.

My boyfriend's mom love the present and because she stitches as well she appreciated all the work that went into it.

Monday, January 14, 2013

It has been a long time.....

I am on the verge of abandoning this old  blog. (It is not that old, I am just lame.)  I have been doing lots of projects mostly for Christmas gifts so I did not want to post them or had not finished them before Christmas.  Additionally I have started a boot camp class that meets 5 days a week and kicks my butt so little is accomplished after it.  It is hard and takes up a lot of time but is definitely a worthwhile activity.

This is just a compiling of all the crappy iphone pictures I took in the process.  I am lame!

The first project was Coors Light ornaments for my uncle.  We decided to exchange ornaments at Thanksgiving after drawing names.  I should explain that he very much enjoys Coors Light and these were made to be cute and funny.  Here are the various attempts.

I also made a Patriots fleece blanket for my boyfriend's brother.  Now after pictures, but here is a during late in the evening.

I will post a couple more in the next few days.  The pictures and extent of documentation will be similar to this.  I am lame and keeping it real.