Thursday, May 16, 2013


I have not blogged in a long time and I do not have a real reason.  I could always blame it on time and filling my time with other things than doing house projects.  House projects are what launched me into the world of reading blogs.  4 1/2 years ago I bought a 80+ year old house and learned how to do most if not all the work from the internet in the form of blogs, how-tos and youtube.  What would I have done if less than 15 years before?  In the begging (first 4 months) I had constant projects and things to do simply to make the house "live-able".  As it often happens the projects slowly decreased and eventually almost stopped.  Lots of things happened between then and now, including finishing graduate school.  Meeting my boyfriend, a new job, a new car and many trips.  The only constant was continuing to look for ways to make myself happy.  Key phrase "make myself happy, not "be happy".

Over the last 6 months I have focused a lot of my free time on working out and fitness.  A little back story...about 6 months ago my friend told me about a workout plan she has been and told me there was a Groupon so I should come try.  It was basically an all women's bootcamp.  It is for all fitness levels so it feels accessible, but it is definitely hard.  I could not walk for the first week and would not have made it through without the moral support of my friend. 

The class (yes that is what I call it because there are no workout machines) has new sessions every 5-6 weeks.  No workout is the same and nutritional goals change all the time.  For the first 5 weeks I did the program I did not change my diet at all.  I lost a couple pounds, but nothing noticeable.  The next session was my first BRIK, which is the most intense phase of the program.  It involves being weighed and measures, completing periodic fitness tests and having a coach review your food journal.  This is where I saw big results and became hooked. 

With so many thing in life we cannot control and frustrations at work growing it was so nice to have an outlet.  I must say that I never believed in working out relieving stress, but now I realized I was just doing the wrong workout.  Running/walking or elliptical just leaves you time to think.  With my current workout I have no time to think, I have to focus on instruction to keep up and just survive.

I though I should do a before and after even though I am pretty early on in the process.

And here is the progress I have made so far.

I doubt anyone is really reading this blog because I don't update very often and it has become pretty random, but I am changing directions.  I am going to start to write about daily life and whatever that entails as an outlet.  No one's life is completely one-sided and at this point I don't have enough DIY in my life to make a DIY blog float.